• 2020-05-19 08:24:41

    Payment Status Pending

    We apologize to all users who have withdrawn their balance, we are late paying you.

    We hope you wait patiently, because we will definitely pay you ...

  • 2020-01-02 19:46:25

    Withdrawal Issues Has Been Fixed

    We apologize to users who experienced problems when withdrawing their balance.

    Now we announce that the problem with withdrawal has been fixed, for...

  • 2019-12-01 09:22:59

    User Power Lost!

    After previously we tried to change the timezone and succeeded, on the other hand we experienced a problem that might be considered serious, users lost the p...

  • 2019-11-30 09:01:06

    New Feature: Achievements

    We always want to provide an easy way for users to get more rewards. Therefore we are very happy because now you can get additional rewards by increasing you...

  • 2019-11-28 00:45:28

    Tokens Become Important Assets

    A token is a very important item since we launched the bonus system, because bonuses will only be obtained when you increase your power. And tokens are very ...

  • 2019-11-23 17:28:06

    Increase Power and Get Bonuses Up to 30%

    We are very happy to be able to provide attractive bonuses for active users. We give bonuses of up to 30% for faucet claims and complete shortlink assignment...

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