2019-12-03 18:13:03

Have questions about Alvipan? Here are some common questions that are frequently asked.

What is this site, and how does it work?

Alvipan.com is a bitcoin faucet site where users can get bitcoin for free by doing some of the tasks provided.

What tasks must be done?

Users can get free bitcoin just by claiming every 10 minutes and passing a short link.

Why are there tokens, what are they for?

Token is obtained when the user claims the faucet or passes a short link. And this is used to run autoclaim.

Are there other bonuses you can get?

Yes, users can get additional bonuses when users increase their power. Users can also get 20% referral commission.

How to increase power?

Power will increase when the user runs autoclaim, each token is used it will give 10 power. Power determines how much bonus that will be given to users, the greater the power, the greater the bonus that will get.

When can the balance be withdrawn?

Users can withdraw their balance at any time to their wallet after the balance has reached the minimum limit.

Another question

If you have other questions, contact us at support@alvipan.com. We will answer it.

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